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Opens on a MCU of Eisenhower speaking to a crowd, then a LS of a plane arriving on the tarmac. LS of Eisenhower exiting the plane, then a MS of him shaking hands. Cut to him shaking hands with another man in a garden outside a building in London. LS of Eisenhower arriving at a building in Paris, then a MCU of some soldiers at attention. MS of Eisenhower shaking hands with Charles de Gaulle. LS of a plane arriving, then a LS of Nikita Khrushchev waving his hat. MS of him in the back of a car. LS of a parade of his arrival in the United States. Map inset, then MS of him on the train to New York. POV LS of NYC in the distance. MS EXT of the United Nations building. MS of him speaking at the United Nations. A translation comes on the VO, in which he calls for disarmament.