Newsreel describing political events in Latin America in 1958. Begins by describing the stoning of Vice President Richard Nixon in Lima, Peru. Shot of Richard Nixon getting into a car. Shots of violent protesters. Shots of motorcade. More shots of violent protesters in Caracas, Venezuela. Protesters attacking Richard Nixon’s motorcade with protester holding a prominent sign: “Go Home Mr. Nixon.” Nixon walking and speaking with a man [president of Venezuela?] Narrator describes the revolt of a few months earlier. Shot of Marcos Péres Jiménez. Shot of Jiménez and other leaders standing around a table. CU of newspaper reading, “Liberado Venezuela El Tirano Perez Jimenez.” Shots of rebels clashing with police and government troops in the streets. Shots of mobs looting the headquarters of the secret police. Interim president Wolfgang Larrazábal speaking passionately at a microphone. Narrator describes another attempted revolution in Cuba. Shots of guerillas in Eastern Cuba. Shot of Fidel Castro and another unidentified man. Shots of workers putting out a fire [from gas main set on fire by rebels?]. Shots of Fulgencio Batista smiling and speaking to the press.