Newsreel footage: “Castro Triumphs: Havana Crowds Hail Success of Revolt.”Describes the rise of Castro and the fall of Batista as leader of Cuba.Fidel Castro dressed in military garb stands in front of a straw-thatched shelter, he and several other military men look at plans on a table before them, close up shots of Fidel Castro. Cuban soldiers look up at Castro as he stands triumphantly with rifle/gun in arm.Aerial shot of Havana’s capital, Cuban people in streets, Castro’s soldiers walking with guns through street, soldiers sitting in tanks, Castro meeting with other military officials. Cuban people marching in celebration through the streets holding flags and banners, flowers. The temper of the mob changes and the people go from celebratory to violent, destroying symbols of the overthrown military regime by beating homes, businesses and parking meters with baseball bats. A group of men beat something with bats and broom until it falls apart, a broken parking meter, a man holds up a newspaper its headline reading “Fue Batista,” mobs of cheering and shouting people in the street.