This clip shows various events of 1967, from Che Guevara in Bolivia to an oil spill from the Torrey Canyon tanker; also includes footage of a fire in Brussels, a flash flood in Lisbon, and contaminated flour in Colombia. Soldiers looking for guerilla factions in WS in the bush. Smoke from gunshots, shot from above in a field. Cut to a sign that states: “BOLIVIA Noserá otra CUBA”. MS of two lines of US soldiers being briefed for the day. MS of soldiers in training. Next is a MS of Fidel Castro walking towards the camera, meeting up with Che Guevera for a chat. MS of villagers banging on a fence. LS in a court room. Shots of a fire bring controlled at a department store in Brussels, Belgium. Shots of a flash flood in Lisbon, Portugal. Next a scene on flour contaminated with insecticide in Colombia. In MS a baker cries as he thinks of the people who have died from the bread he’s baked. LS of some ships at sea. A rocket accidentally fires, and wreaks havoc on a US flight deck, killing many. A tanker off the British coast runs aground.