Newsreel describing the formation of France’s Fifth Republic and Charles de Gaulle’s ascendancy to power during the Algerian War. Begins with shots of Charles de Gaulle speaking. Shots of French military campaign in the countryside of Algeria. Narrator describes a “costly, inconclusive struggle.” Narrator describes Algerian terrorism spreading throughout France. Shots of Algerian men being searched by French police. Algerian men lying dead and bloody on pavement. CU on man lying dead on pavement. Description of May 1958 crisis in Algerian. Shots of rioters outside government buildings in Algiers. Charles de Gaulle walking down steps of a building next to President René Coty with crowd of onlookers. Charles de Gaulle riding in general’s costume through the streets of Algiers in a convertible. Aerial view of massive crowd in Algiers. Narrator describes de Gaulle’s authority to write new constitution. Shots of posters with phrases: “Pour une France Nouvelle” and “Oui.” Shots of voters at ballot boxes. Charles de Gaulle walking through large crowds in Paris. Shots of clapping, happy citizens.