This newsreel contains footage of changing oil sanctions in Iran, fighting in East Berlin, Communist riots in Japan, troops in Cuba, and NATO headquarters in Paris. Begins with various shots of oil fields. Cuts to interior of the UN as Mosettig testifies, MCU of his testimony, people in BG. Cuts to East Berlin, MS of soldiers lined in front of a crowd. Cuts to MS of crowd jeering the soldiers. Various shots of soldiers hitting citizens with batons, many run. MS of soldiers chasing people across the street. MS of a commander walking through the street as a hose is sprayed. Cuts to Japan where communist riots targeted American troops. MS of Japanese citizens running, many carrying sticks. MS of smoking, overturned vehicles. Cuts to police forces beating citizens near a river. Cuts to Cuba as 2 men in an army truck drive through a crowded street. MS of various soldiers holding rifles in an entryway. MS of Fulgencio Batista speaking into many microphones, a crowd stands around him. Cuts to NATO headquarters in Paris, MS of troops standing at attention. CU of soldiers lifting their rifles. PAN as Eisenhower walks past troops.