This clip is of the campaigns leading up to the 1952 elections; shots of Eisenhower, Truman, Stevenson, and Nixon are featured.The clip opens on Adlai Stevenson speaking on the campaign trail. Next, there is a MS of Eisenhower walking through a crowd, shaking hands with passersby. Children carrying campaign signs smile and wave at the camera; Ike then shakes their hands. Shot of Mamie Eisenhower signing an autograph, then MCU of Eisenhower on a train with flowers in his hand and his hat raised above him. MS of Eisenhower in front of a podium telling America that he will go to Korea to best determine how peace should be settled. Next Truman is seen before a different podium, then there is a crowd shot. Truman plays the piano in the following shot on the campaign trail, speaking against Eisenhower though we do not hear his words. Nixon speaks in MWS talking about campaign money. There are shots at the polls of everyday people as well as Eisenhower and Stevenson. The last shots are at the Republican National Convention.