This clip shows Eisenhower and Stevenson in the campaign year of 1952 being chosen as candidates for the Republicans and Democrats, respectively.The clip opening features brief shots of press gathered in an audience at a conference, a soldier walking up a hill (likely from the Korean War), an aerial shot of flooding, and a large cruise liner sailing on. There are some great shots of election signs with campaign slogans and state names at conventions, then Nixon raises Eisenhower’s hand as he is picked to be the Republican’s candidate at the Republican National Convention. Eisenhower poses for a photo with Senator Taft and waves at the crowd. President Truman smiles at a podium, then there is a CU of some of his notes. In MS, he states that he will not seek the Presidency for another term. He waves at the crowd. ELS of the Democratic National Convention. MS of Adlai Stevenson and John Sparkman, holding hands in the air. Stevenson speaks in front of a large crowd outside on the campaign trail.