This is the third and last part of the Frank film. The clip starts with images of architecture as he discusses that he wanted to go into that line of work. Pictures of artwork, from the Mona Lisa to Andy Warhol’s pop productions, fly by as Frank talks about an art career he considered. Then come some patriotic images as he discusses some political ambitions he had in college. An image of a skull with flowers in the socket comes up before Frank talks about the dark time in which he didn’t know what to do, accompanied by a black screen. A Frankenstein image joins his discussion of graphic design, along with some pictures of various mechanical apparatus. Cameras and televisions come up as he realizes that film and animation were his passions. Shiva appears once more, then images of money, flags, awards, cigarettes, lips, and the like come up as he talks about his dreams of the future. Next images from his life pour out of a bucket, and we get glimpses of the images we saw earlier. He speaks the credits.

Not Explicit