This clip is a stop-motion collage of images from the life of the narrator. There are two VOs, one who names dates at first and later says words that correspond to what the other speaker says or to the images on screen, the other who tells his life story. Both voices seem to belong to the narrator, and together make a sort of sonic collage to accompany the visual one. At the start are pictures of television sets, then food, clocks, planets, coins, other circular shaped objects that fit into the same circular shape on a black BG with a gradual zoom. Next there is an image of an Indian god (probably Shiva), then the letter M and some cutouts of babies. Next there are various Catholic religious symbols and pictures, followed by images of furniture, couches, and living accessories. Next there are appliances and ice cream made of different types of food as the narrator describes how much he loves to look at and eat food. He then talks about animals as big collages of dogs, fish, elephants, birds (he names parakeets), lions, and cats appear with his words. Finally, he talks about a school bus as it seems to drive on screen, with cigarettes coming out the back window as the collage is then covered by cups on cups, finishing off the clip.