Begins with Ginger Rogers singing on the dance floor, a band is on stairs behind her. Cuts to a large man in a tuxedo sitting at a table with a woman, he sucks in his stomach to fit closer to the table to put his arm around her but she pushes him off and slaps his hand. Back to Rogers singing. Cuts to a table with 2 men in tuxedos each sitting next to a woman. MCU of Ginger singing, she makes a heartbeat gesture. Back to the table with the large man, he takes the woman’s hand and pats it, she slides it out of his grasp looking annoyed. Ginger continues singing, she makes a gun symbol. WS of the dance hall, Ginger curtseys and leaves. Cuts back to the 2 men in tuxes with women, the waiter approaches and talks to one of the men who is laughing nervously and pointing at the check. The other man is distracted by the blonde woman next to him who is touching his neck.