Dancing featuring Ginger Rogers. MCU of Ginger Rogers singing, she wears a soldier costume and carries a thin club, girls tap behind her. MS of the dance hall, Rogers leaves and the girls tap. They end with a salute. The front row walks offstage and men dressed as sailors come tapping to the front, women in back row tap, they all turn and begin walking up the staircase. Cuts to MCU of the staircase from the left as they march to the top, the men go to the bottom and the women take a step down. The men go up, the women meet them at their step and they all walk down backwards in unison with the men taking an extra step. They all meet in a line on the third step and tap, they jump to different steps then back again. MS of the dance floor as they tap on the stairs. Cuts back to MCU of the staircase, they tap and perform. MS of the dancers wrapping arms around each other and ascending the staircase then tapping backwards, they end with a salute. More women come out and they all stand in a formation saluting.