This clip contains interviews of friends of Tina Sanchez, the murdered 15 year old prostitute. Begins with PAN shot of various shops, VO of Tina’s friend describing Tina’s relationship with her mother. Dissolve to CU of the friend talking on the couch, cuts to MCU of the friend and interviewer, cuts back to CU. Cuts to PAN of a large brick building. Cuts to MCU of Sergeant Perelli driving in his car, he discusses talking to Tina on the phone. Cuts to PAN of a neighborhood, parked cars in FG. Cuts back to MCU of Perelli driving. Dissolve to Tina in a casket, VO of Perelli. Cuts to statue of Jesus on the cross, PAN to CU of Tina in casket. Cuts to CU of Tina’s mother crying in the funeral parlor, she talks about killing Tina’s killers. Cuts to WS of a busy city street during the day, VO discusses the cuts in police units and runaway squads. Cuts to various B&W surveillance shots of prostitutes walking the sidewalk at night.