This clip contains an interview of a mother of a runaway, runaways who have been murdered, pimps, and prostitutes, a VO occurs throughout. Begins with MCU of Tammy’s mother, her daughter is a runaway and prostitute, the mother predicts that death awaits Tammy. Fade in to a city street at night. Cuts to CU of a picture of a murdered 15 year old runaway. Cuts to MS of pimps walking down the sidewalk from inside a car, a police unit called Pimp Patrol looks to take pimps off the streets. VO of a member of the Public Morals Division discusses the violence of pimps during various shots of pimps walking down sidewalks at night. Cuts to B&W surveillance footage of prostitutes being persecuted by John. VO states older prostitutes work with police to identify runaways or recently murdered prostitutes. Cuts to B&W MS of a prostitute and undercover officer discussing a recently murdered girl. Dissolve to photos of Tina Sanchez, an 11 year old runaway turned prostitute, she was murdered at 15. Cuts to CU of a dead girl in a casket. Cuts to MS of police placing a bag over Tina’s body underneath a bridge. Cuts to MCU of an officer holding a bag with rope, the murder weapon. Cuts to MCU of a photo of Tina and her pimp. Cuts to MS of men carrying a casket to a hearse, VO of a madam discussing death as an occupational hazard. The VO explains that Tina’s family does not know she is dead.