This clip is from a film promoting effective and efficient study habits. Starts with A MS of Jack, a boy with good study habits, working on his assignments in a classroom while Earl struggles to get things done. A CU of a analogue clock. Cuts back to Jack, continuing to work. A CU of Jack’s assignment page, showing a history assignment. Cuts to Jack taking out his History book from his desk then pans to Earl, looking confused as he reads the history book. Cuts to a CU of the words on the page, with the word “schism,” highlighted, to show that its a word Earl does not know or understand. Cuts back to Earls confused and frustrated face. Cuts to Jack looking a word up in the dictionary. A CU of the clock as more time passes. Cuts to Jack starting his math assignment. Cuts to Earl, still on the history assignment, deciding to move on to another assignment. A CU of his math problems with doodles around it.