Gives more concrete examples of the Golden Rule. Trick photography helps emphasize the idea of putting oneself in someone else's place in order to appreciate how another person feels. WS of two men racing down the streets while riding on invisible cars. WS of children in a classroom. MS of two kids who talk and laugh throughout the movie. MS of other kids showing irritation. WS of a screen showing a cartoon. WS of two kids asking other kids to be quiet so they can enjoy the movie. MS of two other kids in a loud argument. WS of an African kid leaving a toy on the bench. MS of Jim taking the toy. MS of Jim’s reaction when his hat and ball are stolen. Ms of Mr. Mac and Amy in a conversation: Amy says no one can understand how someone else’s feels. MS of Mr. Mac explaining the Golden Rule further and gives a concrete example for Amy. WS of kids playing basketball in the courtyard. MS of Roy saying a mean statement to Jim. MS of Jim’s hurt reaction and Roy’s thinking expression. WS of Roy putting himself in Jim’s shoes. MS of Roy apologizing and they left to play.