Demonstrates that the Golden Rule can be gratifying, and children are encouraged to practice it. WS of Amy sitting on a sofa. It changes to WS of Mary sitting on the sofa to indicate that Mary is imagining herself in Amy’s shoes. CU of Mary thinking. MS of Mary dialing a phone number to reach Amy. CU of Amy opening her eyes. CU of Mr. Mac looking happy. MS of Amy thanking Mr. Mac for the lesson. MS of Mr. Mac expressing further thoughts on the Golden Rule. WS of three kids playing board games and a lonely girl stands on the side. CU of Amy thinking how she would feel if someone did that to her. MS of the lonely girl. WS of Amy inviting the girl to join them. MS of Mary thinking to call Amy or not. MS of a boy thinking about what to do with the toy. WS of the kids playing basketball. MS of Amy sitting on the ground while her friends leave her. MS of Mr. Mac’s final comments.