This clip is from a campy 1960’s educational video aimed at teaching kids the value of earning, saving, and spending their money wisely. This clip shows a young girl counting coins (pennies) out on a mirror one by one, the narrator states that “Judy knows how to get what she wants.” The girl counts out her coins, sits at a desk, opens a desk drawer and pulls out some cash (dollar bills), and places them into her purse. She shops at a store for school supplies, takes her items to a cash register, pays the cashier/ salesperson. She wants to buy birthday present for her brother and paces her room with a quzzical look on her face. Close up of her brother’s picture, a teenager in a football uniform, she looks at the tag on her brothers sweater for the size, sports pendants are on the wall (Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins), close up of the size tag. She compares various sweatshirt styles (zippers, hoods) and prices, she imagines her brother in each different sweatshirt color (blue, red, yellow/gold) as he plays football. She selects the yellow sweater, and decides to get the sweater a size larger so that it will last longer and he can grow into it. Girl has a fantasy sequence of herself in fancy dresses and clothing, expensive fashion she would like to buy, she pays the cashier/ salesperson at the counter and leaves with her sales bag.