In the early days, Vicky says that there was no one whom she could talk to to discuss how she felt. It was only until about a year ago when she started to meet people like herself; she originally thought she was the only one. She says that it’s a little easier now - i.e., easier to discuss her feelings with people. Asked how she met these people like herself, she says she met them at parties, at balls, drag balls, fairs.

Interviewer asks Vicky if she dressed like a woman “in her early days.” She says that she did, dressing in her mother’s clothes when she was 14, 15 years old. Says she ran around the house in her mother’s heels, though was never caught by her mother.

Asked when she had her first homosexual experience, Vicky says it was when she was 15 years old. It happened at a movie: some fellow was constantly staring at her. Slowly, the young man moved closer to Vicky’s seat in the theater until their knees were touching. The man then asked Vicky to join him in the men’s room, and she agreed to do so. But when she got to the men’s room, she saw the time and had a change of heart, telling herself “I got to get out of here.” Then she left the man.