Vicky is said to be engaged. She says her boyfriend is a photographer when asked what he does. She says he’s straight, and masculine, when asked if he is straight or gay. Interviewer asks Vicky whether it would be more normal for a straight man to go out with a girl. Vicky says that that’s “true,” but that she is the nearest thing to a girl and that she’ll be getting a “change,” an “operation.”

Vicky says that getting an operation is a step away from loneliness and suicide. She says that when most homosexuals and drag queens get to a certain age, they don’t want to live anymore; Vicky says she has just about "hit" that age. When asked, she says that she’s wanted to end her life many times. She says that she thinks about changing to a woman, hoping that this will be an escape - i.e., from the loneliness and suicidal thoughts.

Interviewer asks Vicky when she first thought she wasn’t a part of the world around her. Says that she was 14, 15 years old. Asked if she was effeminate in school, she responds that, “Yes, I was … an outsider.” She agrees that she was the butt of jokes and barbs from other children. Things that children said to Vicky include: “There goes the fairy” and “There goes little Miss Wonder.” She says that these statements upset her.