This clip contains footage of the early automobile at the turn of the century. It begins with a MS of a woman being helped into a automobile / horse-less carriage by a man. A CU of the man turning the hand crank to start the vehicle. A CU of the tail pipe spewing exhaust. A CU of the car wheel. A shot of people stepping into a automobile. A CU of the rapidly shaking steering wheel. A CU of the chain driven axle. A WS of a automobile driving down a country road. Various similar shots. A CU of a cow’s head. More shots of autos on country roads. A WS of an auto pulling up to a large, expensive house. A mother and child entering the auto. A WS of a man working on an auto. A CU of a woman wearing a bonnet. A CU of her white shoes. The man hops into the auto. A CU of his feet pushing down on the gas peddle. A MS of the auto driving away. Shots of the auto driving. A horse pulling an auto. A WS of a man stepping out of an auto to inflate a tire. The people in the auto look on impatiently. Various shots of men under autos trying to fix them. A man bent over looking at the engine. A man turning the crank.