Footage of the NATO meeting in the Netherlands and a gala for the greenlit film The Nightwalker. NATO meeting Defense Alliance Opens Discussions. WS of cathedral in Netherlands. The car of Secretary of State Dean Rusk arrives. Military men adjust their rifles. Rusk is greeted with a salute as he exits his vehicle. WS of the conference room; all of the seats are filled. WS of the building. Interior as men in suits sit around a table with recording devices and headphones in front of them. News in Brief. California. WS of US Air Force Plane B-70. A group of onlookers watch behind A-frames. PAN of the plane. Men stand by the wheels. PAN of the engines. Aerial shot of the plane. Universal City. PAN of a small gala where people are formally dressed to celebrate the production of the film The Nightwalker. MS of Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor at a table together. William Castle stands behind them. CU of Stanwyck and Taylor and Castle. Castle speaks with then Universal President Milton Rackmill. CU of Rochelle Hudson. Cuts to Castle speaking to Gloria Swanson and Cesar Romero. Paparazzi stand by taking photos. Taylor and Stanwyck stand with each other, Stanwyck places her white gloves on her pearl necklace.