This clip shows footage of factory and labor jobs at the turn of the century (early 1900’s). It begins with a panning WS of the exterior of a factory. Dissolves to a row of rural houses and a woman pumping water into a bucket. She carries it up some stairs into her house. A man leaving his house to go to work. A man walking. A large line of workers walking. Women and children entering through a factory gate. They enter a factory door. A line of women punching in their time cards. A shot of children taking their places next to a large machine to begin work. Women unloading boxes. A woman working on a series of glass candle shades. Women putting the glass candle shades in individual boxes. Young children working in a factory. A WS of different people working in a different factory. Fades into a panning close up of a man working on a automobile or horse-less carriage with an internal combustion engine. A CU of the engine. A MS of the man working on the automobile.