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This clip contains footage of the early automobile at the turn of the century. It begins with a CU of a man turning the hand crank in frustration. A CU of the hand crank. A different man with a different car turning the hand crank. A WS of the man talking with a person in the auto, working together to fix the problem. A WS of an auto driving through a muddy road. A CU of the tire stuck in the mud. A WS of horses pulling the stuck auto out of the mud. Cuts to a CU of people putting gears together. Various shots of workers assembling an automobile. A WS of the auto assembly. Automobiles leaving the factory. A family getting into a new automobile. The father starts the car and drives away. Various shots of people driving in autos. A street filled with autos. A high angled shot of a street filled with autos. Another shot of the street.