This clip contains footage about the agriculture of the country of Cuba at the time the film was made in the 1940’s. It begins with aerial shot of the farm land of Cuba. Cuts to a CU of a tobacco leaf. Cuts to people rolling cigars. A CU of hands hand rolling a cigar. Cuts to workers in a field harvesting pineapples. A shot of a worker cutting off a pineapple and placing it in a large basket that another worker is carrying. A shot of people stacking pineapples onto a cart. Cuts to a shot of workers harvesting/ picking coffee beans. A WS of a vast sugar cane field. Cuts to a shot of workers with machetes chopping down the sugar cane. A shot of oxen pulling a cart filled with sugar cane. A shot of cane being dumped into train cars to be shipped to the mill. A WS of a sugar cane mill. A shot of sacks of sugar being placed on ships for export. Ends with a generic WS of the Cuban landscape.