Film tracing the history of modern experimental science. Cutaway illustration of the interior of an eyeball, pulling back to reveal it's floating above an Anableps dowei at the surface of a lake. Cutaway illustration with lines describing the refraction index. CUs of real, non-illustrated Anableps dowei in the water. Male scientist with glasses pouring red liquid into a medium-sized beaker. CU of the beaker with red liquid. CU of the scientist adding more liquid to the beaker, the color changing from red to blue. Illustration of Roger Bacon (c. 1215-1294). Text of Bacon quote about arguments and experiments. Illustration of ancient Egypt. Animated of Africa tracing the river valleys of the Indus, the Tigres-Euphrates, and the Nile. Medium shot of the Sphinx with pyramids in the background. CU of the Sphinx's head. Illustration of Egyptian slaves building a structure with giant bricks. Farmer plowing a field with two oxen. CU of a turning water mill. Long shot of several people in a canoe. A long shot of a sailboat, taken from another sailboat.