Film tracing the history of modern experimental science. Bearded male scientist using equipment. Male scientist with glasses using a tape recorder in a laboratory with an oscilloscope. An Asian male scientist using an electron microscope. Male scientist using regular microscope. Panning shot of a lagoon in Mexico. Male scientist using a movie camera on a tripod next to the lagoon. Mexican fisherman standing in the lagoon. Scientist and two locals, picking up an Anableps dowei fish out a bag. CU of the Anableps dowei fish, aka "the four-eyed fish." Scientist in laboratory with movie camera pointed at at an aquarium. CUs of the Anableps dowei, including their pupils above and below the water. Long shots of the fish skipping along the lagoon, and the Mexican fisherman casting a net. CUs of the fish swimming along the shore. A CU of pencil entering water, and refracting at an angle. CUs of scientist with glasses using placing an Anableps dowei on a microscope and looking through the viewfinder. CU on a woman's eys and nose. Extreme CU of human eye looking through a camera lens. Animation of how the eyeball processes images. CU of an Anableps dowei's eye with two pupils.