Travelogue of Argentina. Begins with animated map highlighting the "Wet Northeast" region, aka Mesopotamia. Close up on pine branches, then zoom out to wide shot of pine forest. Swiss family, including teenagers, pets cow and then tends to small (cabbage?) field. Various shots of Iguazu Falls, between border of Brazil and Argentina. Narrator announces "The falls ... could provide enormous amounts of power in the future, but for now they are too far from cities and manufacturing centers to be useful." Another animated map, this time highlighting the "Dry Northwest" region the narrator refers to as "The Chaco" (NOTE - map incorrectly positions the region, as neither the Chaco province nor the Gran Chaco plains are within the highlighted area). Various shots of Argentinian lumberjacks chopping down and preparing Quebracho trees, aka "the Axe-Breaker Tree." Oxen pull a cart carrying the Quebracho lumber, which dissolves into a truck shipping the wood to a lumber mill, where it is ground into tannin powder. More shots of lumber, lumberjacks, and a horse drawn cart.