The clip opens on a LS of Butte, Montana. In the next shot, a train goes by carrying copper ore, then a factor spews out smoke. Shot of some oil containers, then some trains carrying coal. ELS of a forest on the mountain, then a shot of a lumber yard. A truck releases some logs from its bed. The area is identified as the White Pine Forest in Idaho. Some logs of wood go up a conveyor belt, then there is a shot of wood planks stacked high. Cows graze, then eat in a feedlot from some troughs. A tractor releases the food. Cattle are shown being penned to be shipped, then there is a WS of a train going by. Beef is hung from hooks in a meatpacking plant, then there are shots of sheep grazing. Shot of sheep being sheared, then shown being gathered to be shipped off. Next comes a shot of a combine harvester tearing through a wheat field in Kansas. LS of some spring wheat blowing in the wind in North Dakota.