The Capitol building in Washington D.C. with an American flag flying in the foreground. Congress. Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon writes at a desk. President Harding at his desk. Busy street scene. Beach scene, woman in a sun hat in the foreground leans on a fence and looks out over the beach. Three smiling girls in beach wear walk towards the camera. Two men push a small row boat into the sea. A football game. Factory workers walk below a towering building. Interior of factory. People working hard in a factory. A lightbulb machine working. Automobile parts being put on an assembly line. A farmer ploughs a field with a horse drawn plough. Ramshackle country dwelling. Portrait of Al Smith. Newspaper headline reads ‘President Harding Dies... Calvin Coolidge is President’. Harding’s coffin being carried from building. Procession down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Not Explicit