This clip shows Warren Harding in front of a large crowd with other political figures. It begins with a WS of a large crowd. A MS of Warren Harding shaking hands with people. Goes back to shot of the crowd, this time with political signs for Harding. A shot of Harding speaking. A CU of a old man listening with a hand up to his ear. A shot of a man singing in front of a band. A shot of Harding holding a tuba. A shot of Charles Evans Hughes. A shot of film star Lillian Russell. A shot of Calvin Coolidge exiting a car and shaking hands. A shot of the politicians shaking hands with people. A WS of men in straw hats walking. A MCS of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A WS of the Capitol. A shot of police officers and people entering cars. A CU of Harding in a top hat. A WS of a large crowd. A shot of politicians on a balcony looking out at the crowd. A shot of a car slowing to a stop outside of the Capitol. A CU of an old man with a mustache.