The culture of the Hopi people, an Indian tribe. Traditional pottery making. Grandmother and her grandchildren look at the new pottery jar. An Indian man speak in his language to the people of the tribe to join the wedding ceremony. Footage of traditional rituals that are related to the couple’s engagement: a woman (the bride) gives another woman (her mother in law) some traditional “Piki” bread. The mothers of the couple wash the couple’s hair. The bride wears a white wedding robe. People gather around. A man walks on a traditional Hopi house roof made of stone. Arrangements and preparations before a traditional wedding ceremony: a man weaves white cotton threads in order to make a blanket. The bride wears traditional clothes, and holds the finished blanket. The couple with the bride’s family. The bride gives her parents the blanket. The bride’s father in law attaches a dope of black yarn to the bride’s traditional robe. Scenes of the desert in dark.

Not Explicit