Commercial and public service announcement from the Food & Drug Administration; begins with an older couple in bed, reading, with wife reading the label on a container; male voiceover: “Ever thought of curling up with a good label? (wife: “what’s a ‘riboflavin,’ Ralph?”); two women are at the salon getting their hair done; voiceover: “they may be short on plot, but sure make it up in content! (woman with towel on head: “contains cucumber juice!”; woman getting hair blown dry gives her a look); three men are on standing on a bus, two reading the paper and one reading a cereal box label; the former both crane their heads to see what the latter’s reading; voiceover: “labels today are better than ever! Read one!”; zoom shot of label on back of lotion bottle; voiceover: they can help you avoid allergic reactions! Check the label first!”; bookworm in a bookstore is surrounded by books, but is focusing only on the label for sinus pills; voiceover: “they won’t be on the bestseller list, but have you read any good labels lately? (shot of white text “have you read any good labels lately?”) A message from the Food & Drug Administration.”