Commercial and public service announcement for National Flood Insurance; begins with shot of a river; spokesman starts as voiceover, then shot of spokesman: “This hasn’t been an easy winter for most of our country. I’m concerned that many communities, which have so far passed the test of a severe winter, may soon be faced with the threat of flooding. I’m Will Gere (sp?). Too many Americans know firsthand the damage a flood can do. That’s why the Federal Government started the National Flood Insurance Program! To help you protect your property, better than any government disaster aid after a flood. Federally-subsidized flood insurance can protect you from financial disaster, so please: consider buying flood insurance, today! It takes 15 days for the policy to go into effect. Federal flood insurance is inexpensive; it is comprehensive, and it is available for residents of most communities now facing the threat of flooding. We hope and pray that serious floods can be avoided, but please don’t gamble! See any licensed insurance agent or broker about low-cost flood insurance, today!”