Commercial and public service announcement for the Health, Education, and Welfare department; a young man is playing with a basketball and slowly walking to a court; at one point, he almost gets hit by a car, and when he finally gets to the basketball court, he runs into his girlfriend; thought bubble: “A complete physical exam? Teacher trying to talk me into a dumb checkup! Nobody’s gonna poke around me, even if it’s free! VD? Not me! Bad ears? Ha! I can hear the dumb birds! Oh.”; girlfriend says, “who, me?”; “-No, not you! My teacher asking me to go for a check up! Dumb!” “Then I’m dumb, too, because I went. Look (she touches her new glasses): now I can see what you really look like! Why don’t you go? It won’t do you any harm!” “-Ok.”; female voiceover: “If you’re under 21 and can’t afford a doctor and not so dumb, you may be eligible for a free check up and treatment! To find out, contact your local public health or welfare department. Come on!”; final shot of text: “Social and Rehabilitation Service: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.”