Commercial and public service announcement for child support services from the Welfare Office; woman is running around, looking for office to help with child support, but is repeatedly shut down; conversation with male voiceover ensues as she’s running around: “Hey lady: what’s with you?” “--the run-around: I am getting it again, just like I got it before!” “Run-around?” “--yeah: trying to get help by a husband’s split and left me to support the kids!” “You’ve got a lot of company! Millions of parents have split-mostly fathers!” “--yeah? And how many kids did they leave for people like me to support?!” “Staggering: over 10 million!” “--well, if they’re like mine, Heaven help them!” “You can get help now-if you go to the right place!” “--oh, where’s that at?” “The local welfare department!” “--but, they’re not gonna help us! We’re not on any welfare!” “You don’t have to be: this new program helps all families get child support payments-” “--uh-huh: and how much will it cost me?” “Maybe a small application fee, that’s all...” “--who’d you say was doing this?” “Your local, state, and federal governments, working together in the Child Support program!” “--they, uh, finally got together, did they? Where’d you say to go?” “Your Welfare department! They really want to help!”; the woman walks to the Welfare office, as superimposed text on the frame reads, “Office of Child Support Enforcement: Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.”