Commercial and public service announcement for the Air Force; begins with scene of men working on airplanes in a hangar; a man hops into the cab of a truck and says, “nobody said it would be easy. It’s not, but I love it!” as he starts the truck; scene of enlisted men guiding a cargo load into the hold of a cargo plane; man pulling cover off of a jet engine; zoom shot to air control tower, where an airmen announces alphanumeric codes into a radio, then says to the camera, “I’ve got a family, a great job, and doing something for my country! You can’t beat that!” man then takes a phone call; shot of a large plane taking off then in midflight; cut to man repairing a component of a plane, who says, “The Air Force is a great way of life!”; final scene of frontal shot of large plane with phone number for Air Force recruitment; male voiceover: “for the location of your nearest recruiter, call toll-free, 800-447-4700!”