Promotional film for the Women's Army Corps.

Ad begins in San Francisco Chinatown during a street celebration, with Chinese dragon dancers. CU of small dragon head puppet and laughing woman. Dissolve to a shot of the same woman in an office setting at a filing cabinet, looking at the clock and daydreaming as Narrator describes her desire for new and exciting experiences. Another dissolve to the woman in a military uniform, checking her appearance in the mirror. Narrator describes her transition to her new job with the Women's Army Corps as a "public information specialist" assigned to San Francisco. Cut to woman in conversation with three uniformed army men in front of an iconic San Francisco trolley car. The men pose for a picture as the narrator describes how lucky the woman is to have found the Army Corps. The trolley car pulls away and she and the uniformed men wave to each other as the car moves away down the street. The woman turns and smiles while looking directly into the camera, imploring the viewer to visit their Army recruiter. 

Cut to two unrelated burlesque clips at the end. First of a woman seductively motioning to the viewer. Second clip has a different woman looking upset, then tearing her dress into pieces, in frustration.

Not Explicit