Commercial for Chesterfield Cigarettes; commercial begins with a song dubbed over a scene of ranchers herding cattle, with one meeting up with another to take a smoke break; voiceover: “join the men who know: nothing satisfies like the big, clean taste of top tobacco in Chesterfield King!”; the two ranchers light their smokes, then resume their work; dubbed song: “Sun-drenched top tobacco’s gonna mean that you’re smoking smoother, and you’re smoking clean! Only top tobacco, full King-size, give the big clean taste that always satisfies! Chesterfield!”; voiceover as camera focuses on a rancher taking a puff: “The taste you’ve been missing in the length you’ve learned to like: full, King-size!”--cut to a tobacco farmer smoking a Chesterfield and admiring a tobacco leaf--”Top tobacco all the way for top tobacco filter action! Tops in friendly satisfaction! Join the big swing to Chesterfield King: new choice of the Men of America!”; commercial ends with shot of the sky and a pack of Chesterfields flying to the forefront, joined by three more packs to form a carton of Chesterfield King.