Construction workers on site. A metal girder is moved through the air. A worker shimmies down a girder. Person chopping wood with a chain saw. A woman in a kitchen with a baby on her hip. A football team in the dressing room at half time. Two players high five. Two young people shoveling hay. A man carries a handful of Pepsis. A man in a cap drinks from a bottle of Pepsi. A man in a cowboy hat drinks. The mother in the kitchen drinks from a bottle of Pepsi as her baby tries to grab it. A man in a construction hat grins. One of the players on the football team drinks a Pepsi. A boy drinks a Pepsi. A young man pulls a young woman around a yard on a cart. The football team run out to the pitch. A construction worker directs a piece of metal hanging from a crane. Close up of construction worker drinking a Pepsi. A man herds horses in a meadow. A girl with blond braids laughs. Shots of the construction site. A worker on a metal girder. Two young people chase after each other. Two construction workers smiling. A young man smiles and holds a piece of straw. The mother in the kitchen drinks while the baby holds onto the bottle. She leans down and the frame freezes. The Pepsi logo fills the frame.

Not Explicit