Close up of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. The camera pulls back across a lake to a park. A woman in a short yellow dress walking. She dips under a tree. She walks past a man taking photographs. He stops to look at her as she passes. She passes a man apparently trying to control a number of young boys in formal wear in front of the Lincoln Memorial. "We're a nation of sightseers and this is one of our nation's most beautiful sights," goes the voiceover. Wide shot of the Capitol Building to a quick zoom in to the woman climbing the steps of the building. She walks past a man with a briefcase and cane, who turns to watch her pass. "The kind of girl that girl watchers watch," continues the voiceover. A bottle of Diet Pepsi being poured into a glass. Shots of the woman climbing the steps inter cut with shots of Diet Pepsi pouring into a glass. The woman walks past two men. One of them turns to stare at her as she walks down steps. The Capitol Building is seen in the background. Close up of the girls face, followed by a view through the bars of the railings surrounding the White House. Close up of curtain moving inside one of the White House’s windows.