A film showing the Concentration camps of World War 2, W.W.II, WW2. The narration is by a congressman who went to Germany to see the camps. There is a shot of military vehicles driving into a camp. Then a close up shot of a few prisoners of the camp standing at a barbed wire fence. They are very skinny and emaciated. Then a shot of some male prisoners and some women on the other side of a fence talking to each other. A shot of a hallway full of people sleeping crammed together in sleeping bags. A close up of a young man looking very sickly and skinny who appears to be getting interviewed. There is a shot of another prisoner who is being helped as he walks by two soldiers, then a close up of this prisoner talking. He is an older man, open-shirted, missing teeth. More shots of prisoners eating, standing at a barbed wire fence, smoking, sitting, and being put into a stretcher by Red Cross soldiers. Next, a wagon full of potatoes is led out and many prisoners are fighting over them, taking potatoes out. After this, there are a few shots of military vehicles in a line down a road and military planes flying and taking off.