This clip features footage from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. LS of some tanks, then another LS of trucks going by in shadow. The VO alternates between a British man and an American one. Pan left of a truck going by with soldiers inside. WS of slave workers walking. CU of a man’s naked feet. Shots of these people walking, with a CU on one of their faces. WS of a jeep going by, with MS of some women screaming. The VO states that they realized that they had taken the Belsen concentration camp. Cut to a CU of a man’s face with an armed man in BG. LS of emaciated people walking around at the camp. LS of bodies all over the floor. WS of a man fixing his coverings on the floor. Cut to LS of many bodies naked on the ground. LS of a body being thrown in a massive heap full of other dead bodies. Next, a CU of women crying. WS of another body being thrown in. Another CU of a crying woman. MS of a prisoner kissing the hand of a soldier as he greets him. LS of cars driving by. Shots of the camp and the people inside it. Many shots of the survivors looking at the camera in MS.