Footage of a Concentration Camp in World War 2, W.W.II, WW2. A shot of soldiers riding on top of a military jeep past long lines of people. A close up shot of women cheering. A shot of a man being marched down some stairs at gunpoint. A close up shot of a woman yelling angrily. A close up shot of a man’s face with a soldier holding a gun behind him. A wide shot from ground level of a concentration camp. A dead body lays on the ground as people walk by. A shot of some of the people in the camp walking around aimlessly, they are disheveled and dirty and very sickly looking. Men and women. A shot of many dead bodies that are partially clothed laying across a dirt field. A shot of a very skinny man taking clothes off a dead body. You can see his bones clearly, very thin. A wide shot of hundreds of dead bodies laid out in a field, the bodies are stripped naked of their clothes. They are emaciated and pale. Another shot of a man carrying a corpse and throwing it down into a ditch that is full of dead bodies. The man roughly handles it and the camera follows the body as it falls into the ditch. A close up shot of women crying together. Another body is thrown into a ditch by two people, it is a naked female body. Another CU of a woman crying. A shot of a woman sitting on the ground begging and kissing a soldier’s hand as he stands over her.