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Footage mostly shows hippies pretending that bananas are things that they are not. 

Opens with shot of people at a bar, ordering drinks. One person is eating a banana. The group of hippies who are ordering drinks then sit at a table, away from the bar. Another person peels a banana and proceeds to eat it. 

The same band of hippies are later seen in a kitchen, scraping the insides of banana peels, collecting these insides in a clear container. Later, the banana scrapings are put into an oven. A shot of a gorilla or monkey is intercut with this scene. 

Man crawls on his hands and knees in the living room, following a moving banana. 

A man sleeps on a sofa. A banana is sticking out of the fly of his pants, which a woman fondles. A sign reads "FOOT LONG." 

Woman holds an unpeeled banana in her mouth. 

Hippies smoke from a hookah. A banana is sticking out of the top of the hookah, as if the banana itself is smoking OR as if the hippies are smoking the banana. 

Two men play chess. One man uses a banana to remove some of his opponent's pieces on the chessboard.

A couple kisses passionately on the bed. Then promptly get off the bed. In their wake, sitting on the bed, is a lone banana. 

Man pees in a toilet. After peeing, he turns to face the camera and reveals a banana sticking out of the fly of his pants. A banana peel floats in the toilet water. 

"The End" is the last shot of the clip.