Footage that fetishizes bananas. 

Hippies grab bananas that are for sale at a grocery store. A stock person brings out a box of more bananas, and the hippies go wild, grabbing most of the bananas. Hippies then "purchase" their bananas at the cash register; some hippies merely weigh their bananas and exit the grocery store seemingly without paying.

Outside, the hippies divvy up their bananas. Most of the hippies are wearing stickers that read "Chiquita," a brand of banana.

Later, the same band of hippies are at Golden Gate Park, goofing around with their bananas. For instance, two men pretend that their bananas are swords. A quick shot of monkeys at a zoo is cut into this segment of the clip, as if to suggest the people at the park are monkeys .

The last shot is two black dogs humping each other, or at least trying to.