This clip shows computer chips and their importance to various industries.

The clip begins with a sequence of black and white stills of people fiddling with the wires and knobs of huge circuitry boards. The rest of the clip is in color and starts by showing a data processing room with tape drives.

The next sequence moves into a contemporary office with people typing at their personal computers. A CU of a computer chip transitions into a man looking at a screen with the schematic of a chip. A hand flips blueprints of computer chips.

A man in a lab wearing a white hazmat suit is seen placing an object into a machine. A metallic disc is being created, processed , and, finally, viewed under a microscope. A sequence of CUs shows various parts of microchips. Hands are shown pushing a button and flipping switches. CUs of computer screens show typed information and a CU of hands typing at a keyboard.

A woman answers a phone  while working at her desk in a data processing room. There are a couple of quick cuts showing men working at their computers. People at an airport use a computer to check in to their flight. A travel agent at her desk hands documents back to a customer. A policeman wearing a headset works at a keyboard in a dispatch center.  People with lunch pails are clocking out at an automated checkout; a factory looms behind. The next sequence cuts between the building and launching of a space shuttle and keyboards being made in a factory.

The clip goes back to an earlier sequence of a man working at his personal computer while on the phone; the New York City skyline can be seen outside his window. A man in a different office has the same image on his screen as the previous one and is talking on the phone; a secretary hands him a folder and the man starts engaging his clients across from him. The clip returns to an earlier sequence of  the travel agent using a computer to read a customer’s documents.

The final sequence shows a CU of tape drives in a data processing center and a woman passing people working at their computers as she transports tape rolls on a cart.