Varied clip of California surf and surf culture in the late '60s.

Surfers surf at Big Sur. Wide shot of a Big Sur beach; in the foreground, a surfer observes the surf from a mountain top. Wide, pan shot of the beach near the shore. Silhouette of a mountain range; in the distance, a sea of clouds churn below the mountain’s height. 

The film shows light burns or severely over-exposed footage. A timelapse of a sunset. Psychedelic images of mediators circulate on the screen; a rainbow shines through parts of the images. Glitter and colored marbles jump up and down on a black background. Part of a seashell moves in stop-motion. 

A man sits in his car; only his shadow is seen. Long shot of surfers surfing on a sunny day. Cars are parked at the beach. The fin of a surfboard sticks out from screen right. 

A timelapse of the Golden Gate Bridge on a sunny, foggy, windy day. 

More over-exposed footage flashes on the screen - red, yellow, and white.