This artsy and odd 1960s home movie shows people surfing and snow skiing. Shots are complimented with trippy, out-of-the-blue, abstract images. 

A man surfs on a sunny day in slow motion. Freeze frames make clear that the surfer is spinning on his board while riding the wave.

There is an upside-down scary mask. Assorted colors shimmer. 

A man surfs on a sunny day, and the shot is upside-down.

An orange-red surfboard floats by itself. Orange flames dance. A man surfs towards the camera.

Images of targets and spinning spirals are intercut with shots of the orange-red surfboard and a man balancing on his forearms and hands.

A person skis down a snowy hill towards the camera. Shots from below show people jumping off a ski jump in reverse. A person jumps off the ski jump before the screen is split into three cells showing different images of a person skiing in reverse. A person skis down a hill. A person jumps off a ski jump in poor form and crash lands.