More iconic images of New York City in the 1980s.

Chinatown. Young Chinese women walk toward camera. Older Chinese woman crosses a road. Young Chinese man weighs bunches of bok choy. Italian-looking woman appears to be grilling vegetables or meat or both on a grill outside.

High-angle shot looking over a busy NYC street during the day, cars and buses roll by. A funny-looking red car darts across the street; it carries the sign "The Cookie Coach Co." An older man leers at the camera, perhaps thinking the camera man is intentionally filming him.

Boy in shorts scrambles single-mindedly in his roller skates down a sidewalk. A young woman with short hair pushes a 4-wheeled stroller across the street as cars wait; her stroller carries a baby as well as a dog. A white couple wearing sweaters stroll down the sidewalk in each other's arms. Older, short woman walks her dog, which looks like a Lhasa Apso; the dog wears a leash. Medium shot of an hispanic-looking woman who is walking briskly, wearing big shades under her big hair. Long shot of a dog barking from an apartment window, as if wants it wants to jump out the window to get whoever it is the dog is barking at. Close-up of a black baby boy, in his mother's arms, looking puzzled.

Wide shots of a pond during the day; small toy boats stream through the water as the sun sparkles on the surface. One kid controls a boat with his remote control as he sits hunched over in comfort.

Horse-drawn carriage gives a small group of people a tour of Central Park; the man steering the carriage wears a top hat. Man with gray, bushy hair and beard holds his arms out, perhaps singing some ballad somewhat out of tune albeit with lots of sincerity.

A crowd plays volleyball, kicking up dust in the sunlight. Cut to kids playing football in a green, grass-covered field. Cut to a black man in jeans teaching a child how to groove while on skates. More people roller-skate, including a woman with a yellow sweater, a visor, and knee and elbow pads, swaying long and smooth.